Discovered in 1877 in the Kimberley mine in South Africa, this 287.42-carat diamond was analysed for an entire year before it was cut. This resulted in a stunning, 90-facet cushion-cut diamond with an intense yellow hue and a weight of 128.51 carats. It belongs to the New York-based jeweller Tiffany & Co (hence the name Tiffany Diamond). In 2012, it was showcased in a gorgeous necklace made to commemorate this prestigious jeweller’s 175th anniversary.

The deep yellow Tiffany Diamond has a stunning sparkle.

The reading lamps from the Tiffany Collection are both practical and beautiful, combining elegance and sophistication. These lamps stand the test of time and are a reflection of timeless beauty.

The Tiffany Collection: a new take on light

Available in the same finishes as the other collections, the Tiffany reading lamps can be customised in a variety of ways: shape of plate/head, incorporation of a switch, length of flexible hose neck and surface finish.